Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Happenings

I can't believe that it's  already July! The summer is already like 1/3 of the way over.  It's been a really great summer so far and we have been able to do a lot of fun things! For my birthday Brenn threw me a surprise party at the park! It was embarrassing at first.... but then it was really fun.  He invited a lot of friends and family and we had a BBQ.  Everyone kept telling me how long he had been planning it and all the had work he put into it to put it all together, I love him lots!

 Also, the weekend before, I got to go to Las Vegas and visit my sister and her kids with my mom.

 Emmy's hair does amazing things.

 Then a couple of days ago my good friends Catie, Mallory, and Kate took me and Nicki (who now works at Nexus with me :) Yay!! ) to Provo beach resort for our birthday! We were going to do the ropes course, but seeing as they required shoes and not flip flops and seeing as none of wear actual (except maybe Mallory) we did Miniature Croquet instead.  That game is much  more complicated than you might think so we make up our own rules, like closed eyes, or having to hit the ball backwards.  Very fun.
It's been a great summer so far!!

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  1. I like the one of you and Jansen holding a remote. We watch country music videos ok?